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Painted Pumpkins

The options are endless when it comes to painting pumpkins and we

The options are endless when it comes to painting pumpkins and we usually go with the option of all the paint and all the colours!

This year we decided to try out a new idea and this one was the chosen one for this weekend!

They like the idea of painting and thumb printing so we shall see how we get on!!!

Our plan will be …

– Paint the pumpkins white all over and leave to dry.

– Thumb print the face using black paint.

– Black paint for the ears and black sharpie for the whiskers. (Could also do all the cat’s face with Sharpies)

– Let our masterpieces dry and voilà! .

We’ll see how we go!!

Regardless of the end result, they’re excited planning it and no doubt will be excited doing it.

And that’s all that matters.

This would be a really good one for older kids too. They’d love all the detail in it. The smaller pumpkin in the picture has moons all over which is really sweet.

With added time on all our hands, it might be handy to have activities like this when everyone needs a little breather .. young, older and not so young!

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