Motherhood : Unedited – Postnatal Depression

Siobhàn from @ctc_childrenstherapycentre shared an incredible message with us. It was about her ‘Moms

Siobhàn from @ctc_childrenstherapycentre shared an incredible message with us. It was about her ‘Moms Chats’ Series and her latest guest, Emma from @mctivities

Their conversation began on the topic of their shared love for play, and continued into an area that may resonate with some.

As always, motherhood has so many stages, phases, feelings and emotions, and we all experience it in our way.

Relating to someone can help when it’s really needed.

Thanks so much for sharing it with us Siobhàn, and to Emma for your beautiful rawness and honesty…..

In Siobhàn’s words …

It started out as “Mom chats” answering some questions about different types of play /play ideas for various age groups and then moved into looking at “mom guilt”.

Emma very bravely shared her experience of Post Natal Depression and the impact it had on her.

She really spoke to the importance of getting support and how this helped her.I was genuinely blown away by her honesty.

She spoke about guilt she has carried about her early relationship with her daughter and how she uses play now to repair.

She spoke about always doing her best now and that that’s okay.

I reframed this for her and focused on the importance of “good enough parenting”.

I genuinely believe it is a really powerful conversation and could really help a lot of parents as it is a mix of practical parenting support around play and also focuses on maternal mental health.

**If any of it resonates with you, please know there is always someone to turn to, and always someone willing to help .. your family, friends, GP, Therapist, Helplines, many people on here, there’s always always someone.

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