Potty / Toilet Training

Two weeks of Easter Holidays ahead .. two days of rain forecast .. a child in the 2/3 age bracket in the household .. can only mean one thing … toilet training!!!

This is our second time toilet training .. First Born was just over 2.5 years old this time two years when we did it with her.

I remember at the time reading and chatting lots about it. Toilet training is one of those things you hear lots of horror stories about and it seems quite daunting when you’ve never done it before!

Well, we had nothing to worry about. First Born was fully toilet trained (day and night) in two days!!! She just took to it, she was ready and able for it. .
Not so sure it will go so smoothly this time!! We shall see!!

Some of the things we did last time that we feel did help and we will be doing again with Small Man ..
🌿Ignore anyone telling you what age to toilet train your child at .. you knew that best. The most suitable age to toilet train your child is when you feel they, and you, are ready. For us, there is a difference in age of 6 months from when we did it with first girl, and the age our boy is now. He just hasn’t been ready before now and also we haven’t been ready .. we were moving house, we were between grandparents house .. everything was change and different. Definitely not the time to try!
🌿Chatting about the potty and having a potty around the house before you’re actually starting helps to take away fears and uncertainties.. gives them a chance to ask questions and sit on it if they want! Some kids are curious enough to actually start using it .. bonus!!
🌿Going on a solo shopping trip helps to make it extra special and gives them a real sense of ownership and involvement in the whole potty training experience. When I did it with our girl she was so excited picking out her Peppa knickers, stickers for her potty training chart and a special book all about Princess Polly using the toilet. She literally couldn’t wait to come home and start!! Planning on doing this little shopping trip with Small Man later on today once he’s awake from his nap.

So here goes .. last day of nappies and wipes for himself .. watch this space!!

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