Pregnancy and Maternal Mental Health

Kelly @wildwestwellness2020 is a well-being educator and mentor and has shared how pregnancy and

Kelly @wildwestwellness2020 is a well-being educator and mentor and has shared how pregnancy and motherhood are amazing, but can also bring anxiety, fears, uncertainty and worry.

Thanks so much for sharing Kelly …

Pregnancy is a joyous wonderful time…right!?? Yes of course it is, sure why else would we keep doing it! But let’s be real it can also massively impact our wellbeing and mental health, from morning sickness, worry sickness (or anxiety about it all🙈), tiredness and fear just to name a few.

Then we have our wonderful beautiful baby and it all magically disappears🤱. Hmmmm I wish!!

Truth is after we have our little bundles of joy, our wellbeing and mental health can still take a knocking. There’s those fecking hormones, exhaustion, worry, overthinking, body changes, resentment from pining for the days before, then there’s the mommy guilt that comes with it all.

Its not easy being a mom at times and it is normal to feel stressed and anxious sometimes, but if you feel you’re really struggling then don’t go it alone.

As many as 1 in 5 women have mental health problems in pregnancy or after birth. It can happen to anyone. I repeat, it can happen to anyone. The main thing is to seek help and talk to your gp.

Maternal mental health week is just 1 week of awareness so Mamas lets keep the honest and open dialogue going and not just for the 1 week of awareness.

Here’s me in October 2019 two weeks before having my 2nd baby. I was so anxious that I had to throw myself into the sea nearly daily and sniff lavender oil just to take the edge off 

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