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Pregnancy can be a beautiful but challenging time, both physically and mentally.

Pregnancy can be a beautiful but challenging time, both physically and mentally. Making choices that help us to feel better and more in control can be very empowering and help with our mental health and wellbeing.


Ailsing @soufullyasiling has very kindly shared some of the things she did when preparing for her newest arrival, gorgeous Benjamin.


  • Eating nourishing foods, I’ve found @lilynicholsrdn book super helpful. Lots of broth, good fats and protein rich foods.
  • Chiropractic, Osteo and cranio sacral sessions. I had a fab session with @drake_chiropractic to ensure my pelvis is in good position for birth, Ros has helped me so much in previous pregnancies too! I have also been attending Osteo/cranio sacral which I feel has helped me massively with calming my nervous system as well as supporting my body at this time.
  • When I first found out I was pregnant I was concerned as I felt quite depleted, I found a fantastic Dr. of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist and honestly the herbs he’s given me alone have really helped me rebuild and strengthen.
  • I began care with Liz @privatemidwivesireland and prepared for my birth. She’s always been a great support and very respectful of my wishes.
  • Listening to @birthfearfree pregnant relaxation track daily. It helped me come deeper into my body and visualise the imminent birth of my last baby ♥️
  • Daydreaming and facing any fears that crop up as I approach what is a HUGE moment and transition in my life, bringing this littlest human into the world. Remembering the intensity of the peak moment of my births so I can practice the art of surrender but also savour the joy and rushes of love I’m so grateful to have experienced during my homebirths.

  • Preparing the kids, lots of belly kisses, hugs on the bouncy ball, showing them pictures and videos of my other births to prepare them incase they are there for the birth. That was not my plan, but I’m fully aware I cannot control how it all unfolds. Myself and David have had lots of chats and the belly is getting lots of love, as we await meeting our newest love.
  • Trying to get sleep! But between the late pregnancy insomnia and kid wakings, this is definitely a challenge.

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