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Presents For A One Year Old

Third baby in and choosing birthday presents can be tricky! Especially when

Third baby in and choosing birthday presents can be tricky! Especially when it’s for a first birthday and you want something a little special.


We’re trying to be more aware of what we’re buying and bringing into the house because, as any parents know, the amount of toys can build up really, really quickly! We also like to support small family businesses and if they’re from Ireland, that’s even better!! All the presents we chose this year are made or sourced by fabulous Irish companies.


First Born really wanted Baby to get a little doll so we chose this beautiful, 100% organic cotton bunny doll from @giggleandplayirl It is absolutely gorgeous, perfect size for little hands and Baby Girl adores her!


We always like to give books for their birthday and we choose two this time … ‘I Wish You More’ from @myhighershelf is a really gorgeous book and is perfect to give for a special occasion. It’s full of love and loveliness and shares all the things you may wish for your baby! This ‘If I were an Elephant’ @jellycat_officialbook from @paviliongardencentre was chosen by Small Man (secretly think he was choosing it for himself!!) and it’s got a lovely touch and feel piece on each page .. and of course the long tail is a favourite .. chewed, pulled, swung .. you get the drift!!


And then last, but certainly not least, these gorgeous pieces from the talented Nadia @mooblesandtoobles We chose her trademark elephant print hat and teether ring .. 100% organic cotton and 100% nontoxic wood … and they are just beautiful. Love a product like that .. looks gorgeous, yet performs so well and has no nasties or chemicals .. perfect! Nadia also very kindly sent the wooden bird teether on a beaded chain which you can attach to baby’s clothes .. genius! And again, looks beautiful.


So there they are! The answer to your questions as to what we got Baby for her First Birthday! Delighted with everything we got and thrilled that we were able to #shopsmallireland and get great products, that were great value and are special for our little girl’s special birthday.



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