Quality Time With My First Born

I love nothing better than having some quality one-on-one time with each

I love nothing better than having some quality one-on-one time with each of our kids. Daily life can get so busy that it’s nice to take the time with them individually.


Our eldest is 3 (almost 4!) and her favourite thing is to go to a coffee shop! (I swear I don’t force her!!) And while it’s lovely to have a coffee and share a treat, the best part isn’t something tangible, it’s emotive … it’s the chats we have and the little stories she tells … it’s the swinging legs that are nowhere near reaching the floor .. it’s the little kisses she blows across the table because she’s so happy and chuffed to be out with mommy on her own … it’s the little giggle when she thinks she’s getting extra treat and that I don’t notice! … it’s the love .. it’s the simple things … it’s the most important.


These are some of the moments that I dreamt about before becoming a mom … and who was to know that the reality is so much better than any dream I could ever possibly have imagined.




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