Quit caring what people think. Be who you want to be

As we begin on this journey of writing blogs on The Family Edit we want to be very clear. We are never telling parents what to do in their home, with their children. We are never telling you how you should be with your child. Only you know that best. Only you are their mother. Only you are their father. (Or grandparent, aunt, uncle, caregiver… whatever your role may be in the child’s life.) And that is the most special thing you can be to them. No book or blog will ever know them better than you. They are all individuals and unique beings and deserve to be treated as such.

That being said, it is always nice to hear other people’s experiences and stories. That way you can laugh and disregard it because it doesn’t suit your child in your household. Or you can take it for what it might be … someone else’s experience that is similar to yours or the stage your family are going through at that time. You can then take the information and make it your own, suit it to your family. Whichever way it may be, please do know that we are never preaching or telling you how to parent. You know that best. Trust your instincts. Trust your love. Trust your child.

Enjoy your journey,

The Family Edit