Salthill, Galway

A visit to Salthill Promenade and Beaches, only 3km west of Galway

A visit to Salthill Promenade and Beaches, only 3km west of Galway City, comes highly recommended for a family day out.

Walking the promenade, spectacular views of Galway Bay, the Aran Islands, Galway City and the Clare hills on a good day, watching the swimmers and divers, walking or hanging out on the beach – rocky and sandy stretches (add in a bucket and spade and you’ve guaranteed hours of building and collecting!!), exploring tide pools, paddling … endless choices!

If you want to extend your visit, or if the weather isn’t great, Galway Atlantaquaria along the Promenade is a great option. It hosts over 60 exhibits and hundreds of Atlantic Sea life species, has popular fish feeding sessions and touch pools…an activity suitable for all ages.

To finish off the day / afternoon, a visit to the infamous Dough Bros in Galway City is a must … family friendly, freshly made pizzas that are fire-baked in front of you … busy spot but well worth the wait!!

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