Sand Pit – Outdoor Play

SAND PIT / BOX … Another Outdoor Fun Project that a lot of us seem keen on trying is the sand pit!

We’ve been saving pictures of these for years on our Pinterest board and we’re excited to finally be making it a reality!

We love the idea of something made from wood and something on wheels .. Also love the idea of incorporating it into a play area with chalkboard, etc.

And the idea of using an old boat as a sand box … genius!! Just need to find an old boat that no one wants anymore!!!

Again, not sure of the original source for any of these images from @pinterest so if it’s one of your wonderful creations, please let us know!!

If you’ve a sand pit / box in your home, make sure to tag us @thefamilyedit@thecraftymum.ieand use the hashtag #outdoorfunproject so we can all get inspired!

**Images from Pinterest


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