The rain is in for the afternoon, so it’s stove on and some spooky crafting!


A popular choice here is some string / twine, card / paper, sellotape and pom-poms and they made all sorts of creations.

Some googly eyes and they’re set!


They sometimes draw by hand, other times they use cookie cutters as a template!


Sometimes coloured card is used, sometimes it’s white paper coloured or painted .. it depends on their mood!


This is very much child led, and one they get totally immersed in and their creativity can run free! It’s a great one to use up bits and pieces of paper, card and wool!


It’s one that’s definitely suitable for younger and older kids … and makes wonderful decorations that can be brought out year after year.


As always, we love to see when families have tried them out, so be sure to let us know if you make them so we can have a peek!


Happy crafting!


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