Start before you’re ready

That was the advice given to us four and a half years

That was the advice given to us four and a half years ago, in relation to starting a family. Apparently you’re never quite ready for parenthood so you gotta just take the plunge! Fast forward to now and we have 3 kiddies … Queen Bee who is 3 ½ , Small Man who is 1 ¾ and Baby Girl who is 3 months. I guess you could say we kept swimming after the initial plunge!!! That family advice worked out pretty well for us!

Then recently this quote was being referenced again, in relation to start-ups. And you know what… We’re going to listen again. Ready or not for the plunge .. here goes! We’ve had the idea for The Family Edit for a long time, since pregnant with first born! A lot of work has gone into it, behind the scenes, but we never felt quite ready to take the plunge. So we’re going to do like we did before and just go for it!

The idea for The Family Edit is quite simple really. It’s an online space created by families, providing all kinds of information for families … classes and activities to do, restaurants to eat in, hotels to stay in, walks to go on, honest tips and tricks picked up along the road of parenthood… you name it! If it’s about family life, we’ll have it. We won’t have it all straight away. This will definitely be a work in progress. It will be real. It will be honest. It will be an edit …. An edit of all things family …. The Family Edit.

Here’s to taking the plunge!

The Family Edit

The Family Edit & Co. 

We’re privileged to have so many wonderful Families, Businesses and Experts share their passion and knowledge on so many topics of Family Life.

From Day Trips to Supports, Activities to Books and lots more! 

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