Teeth Brushing with Toddlers and Kids!

I was chatting with a few moms recently about the chore that

I was chatting with a few moms recently about the chore that teeth brushing can be!!

Our eldest girl never had a problem with it … she brushes them at morning and nighttime no bothers! Small Man was fine up until a few months back and it suddenly became less of a fun thing to do and more of a chore!

Rather than it becoming a battleground, we started something simple with him and it’s really worked!

Basically, we chat through animals on the farm, characters in a book, members of our family, anything he has an interest in and they all get their turn to have their teeth brushed. So … the dog gets his teeth brushed, the cow gets his teeth brushed, the giraffe gets his teeth brushed, etc! He enjoys it so much and it got him over the phase of not enjoying teeth brushing. .
He doesn’t ask for it every night anymore but it’s still a fun thing to do and a good way to introduce vocabulary as well if you want to!! Hygiene and Education in one!!

Hopefully that might help anyone going through a teeth brushing phase! It’s always great to hear ideas that worked for other people. Doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for your kids in your house, but the more ideas you have the better!!

Another great recommendation a mom had was to get the dentist to show the kids how to brush their teeth. Make it fun but also ensures they are doing it correctly! Mom or dad can then play dentist at home.

Also must check about the teeth timers .. egg timers for the length of time it takes to brush their teeth. I think @thetoothfairyiehas them?? Must check that one out!! 

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