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The Baby Edit – Christmas Gift Ideas

On the Eve of Green Friday Ireland, we’re kicking off our Edit

On the Eve of Green Friday Ireland, we’re kicking off our Edit of Christmas for the Family .. and first up is The Baby Edit. .
We’ve kept track over the past few weeks of what we reach to most for our Baby Girl and what we lust after the most .. and so The Baby Edit was created!

In no particular order at all … This gorgeous romper from @chaosnharmony lends itself to both boys and girls, winter and summer, causal and occasion-wear .. basically the perfect clothing piece for a baby .. can grow with them as well and can easily be passed down to siblings or passed on to friends and relations.

We’ve adored all things @farmyardthelabelsince their opening a few months back. This cream woollen hat is again unisex, they won’t grow out of it quickly, suitable for beach, playground, any day out .. and looks gorgeous with the bobbles .. timeless and natural .. the ideal baby gift.

Something we love to give as gifts to our babies and to others as presents are pictures, prints and quotes. We adore these Irish prints from @threelittlebirdsillustration .. they have a selection of Irish words and their meanings. So beautiful for a nursery but would also be suitable for their bedrooms as they grow.


One of our most used items for our baby girl is her @mooblesandtoobles organic teether .. it’s complimented on all the time and it serves its function perfectly. Let’s face it, no baby Edit would be complete without a teether and this one makes a perfect gift because it’s so pretty.

With three babies in three years we’ve received many gifts, and one of our favourites to receive is a blanket .. you can never have enough, they can be used in so many ways, and our eldest is still using her blankets and will be for a long time to come. @foxfordwoollenmills have the most gorgeous selection of blankets .. warning .. they will be the present that you buy and want to keep!!

Last, but in no way least, are these amazing dolls by @vanessa_byrne and stocked by @kidstoredublin .. all our kids love dolls and they get hours of entertainment from them. They are enjoyed for imaginative play, sleep companions and brought on daytrips or sleepovers!

The Baby Edit .. Irish Style!



*Images from each brands instagram page, as named above

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