The One Who Made Me A Mom

It’s that time of year when we’ve celebrated a birthday and I

It’s that time of year when we’ve celebrated a birthday and I take out the journal to write a few little notes as another year passes by.

This time is the turn of our First Born … she has now turned four! Can’t quite believe we’re here this quickly.
The journal I write in is a 5 year Record Book and I remember thinking that was such a long time … and yet, here we are, entering into the final year of writing in this particular one. Where those years have gone I do not know … yet, in another way … I know exactly where they’ve gone.

They’ve been the years where she has gone from being a tiny baby depending on me for feeding, to being the bigger sister to her little brother and sister, to starting in Playschool to now … a gorgeous, confident, fun, creative little four year old.

While I love documenting the bigger occasions I also adore to record favourites things she does, says, enjoys, phrases she uses … the little moments … the moments that make her who she is because it’s amazing how it can all change so quickly when they’re this small. Having it in this little journal helps me to save and hold onto those little pieces of her as she grows and changes. While of course it’s exciting to see the person she is becoming, it always is so lovely to read a moment from a few months or years back and be brought back there for a split, emotional second … because, yes she is growing and changing but she will forever be my First Born, my baby, the one who made me a mom.


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