The Power of A Woman .. The Power of A Mom

While pregnant with all three of our babies, I had a wish for them everyday … that they would be happy, healthy and carefree. This is still whispered to them each and every day. To help our girls to grow up happy and carefree, it is vital that they see female role models all around them … role models who are fighting for their right to be happy and carefree.


From @mother_pukka fighting the #flexappeal fight (not sure if there’s a mom doing it in Ireland??), to @scampanddudefighting the #davidandgoliath fight to @snaphappymammy fighting the #postnataldepression fight. All different battles … all inspiring women helping to make the world a happier, more carefree world that my girls will grow up in … thank you.


And perhaps the most important female role model for them (I hope!) is me, their mom, helping my girls dream big and live the life they deserve.


So … every day, each of my girls will continue to … hear that she is clever, strong, kind and brave …. see that she has a mom who is working towards her own dreams … touch her mom in a loving hug first thing in the morning and last thing at night … smell the comforts of her home that will always be her safe place … and finally … she will taste the cooking attempts of her mom each and every day (now that’s character building right there!!)




*Image from PInterest. Source Unnamed.