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The REACH Project – From the Beginning ..

It’s that golden time of the day .. napping kids .. so

It’s that golden time of the day .. napping kids .. so now it’s my time to get a few things done .. and as always, my favourite thing is to take out some (this is a tiny sample!!) of my notebooks and work though some of the steps to make The Family Edit dreams come alive.


We are at the final stages of organising something that was first thought of in a little library in Ubud, Bali. I took some time out after finishing college to travel and volunteer with some amazing childrens’ organisations around the world. This is something I’ve always loved to do … helping kids in difficult or disadvantaged situations.


I’ve also loved children’s books for as long as I can remember .. there are pictures of me as a child, falling asleep and surrounded by books! Even as a teenager I always loved them .. and then becoming a teacher and parent .. it’s just continued on naturally.


So from the initial seeds of an idea in Bali … to now where we are in a situation to make it become a reality (almost!) .. it’s very exciting.


A project where we can help bring books to kids who may otherwise not have their own book .. A project where we can give the gift of escapism and imagination .. A project where we can give kids a little something to call their own …


A project called The REACH Project .. A project that is taking its first small step in the next few weeks…


A project that has our hearts and we want to give it wings ….


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