The Shared Journey of Motherhood

Motherhood is most definitely a journey .. a journey that has ups

Motherhood is most definitely a journey .. a journey that has ups and downs .. highs and lows .. good days and not so good days .. it literally has it all. But most importantly what it has .. is an uniqueness .. a uniqueness because you, and you alone, are the mom that you are, to your baby, in your house.


So often we can be told the ‘right’ way to be a mom or the ‘right’ way to do something. But we are all different, our babies and kids (even within the one household) are all different and they deserve to live this uniqueness, rather than conform to what a book says they ‘should’ do.


That said, there really is nothing better or more reassuring to chat with another mom and take bits of their experience and make it your own. They may have been through a very similar situation, and their experience can be invaluable in helping guide your choices and ideas to try.


With that in mind, we will be featuring moms and some topics / issues / areas of experience and interest that they may have … from Brona @snaphappymammy talking about her experience with PND to Dawn @myhighershelf giving helpful tips for any children who may be suffering from some form of anxiety.


If you have a post you’ve written about any topic, whether it was written yesterday or five years ago, it’s all relevant! And we’d love to share it and feature your experience. Send us a DM if you would like to share! It’s through sharing our mom stories that we can help and support other moms.

It’s what us moms do best .


*Image from Pinterst.

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