Sunday Shares – Things for Families to do in Ireland

So many wonderful ideas were suggested for things you would like to

So many wonderful ideas were suggested for things you would like to see on here, and on our website.

One theme that ran through quite a few of them, was how much families love to hear recommendations from other families.

That’s the cornerstone of what we do here … every single business that is invited to list on our website has been loved and recommended by families. That is incredibly important to us.

To add to that, we thought it might be fun to invite someone every week to share some of their favourite family spots… places to eat, favourite walks, beaches, baby / kids classes, etc.

We can share it on here and also share it as a post to our website under the relevant County so it makes it easier to find.

If anyone would like to join in some week and share their ideas, let us know in the comments or DMs and we’ll add you to the calendar!!

Or if there’s someone you’d love to hear ideas from, let us know that too and we’ll invite them to share their ideas!

A little bit of fun on a Sunday! And a way for us all to find some hidden Family Friendly gems around Ireland!

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