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Tips for Breastfeeding in the Outdoors and On The Go!

Gina @ourlittlehiker is Mom to three girls and loves to be out

Gina @ourlittlehiker is Mom to three girls and loves to be out and about walking and hiking with her husband and girls. She has climbed 29 out of 32 Peaks of Ireland – with their baby girl on her back! She is a wonder to behold and shares some of the best Family Friendly Walks all over Ireland.

She has very kindly shared some of her Top Tips for Breastfeeding in the Outdoors while Hiking and On The Go ….

– Offer a feed at home and in your car before you start your hike.

– Try to find a comfortable dry place to sit while feeding on the trail, like a stone, log , your hiking bag or bring a foam pad to sit on.

-Bring a small umbrella (this is handy to protect your baby from the sun, a light breeze, rain and also gives you some privacy which is handy especially if you have a nosey baby who likes to look around mid feed)

– Wear breastfeeding friendly layers 

-Wear a light scarf, this is handy as it can act as extra coverage or as a blanket.

– Bring a rain cover. I use the one that comes with my pram. It’s handy to pop over baby while feeding them to keep them dry if you get caught out in the rain. Or a poncho is very handy and light weight to carry.

-Feeding your baby when you have active toddlers with you – here is what I do – put down a blanket and have little picnics, get them to draw pictures of what they have just seen on the hike, get them to empty their hiking bags and look at all their treasures that they have collected along the way like sticks/ stones etc

– Feeding your baby on the go. Sometimes it’s hard to sit still when you have other children so you can feed using a sling and also a framed carrier without having to take them out.

– Stay hydrated while breastfeeding on a hike ( bring extra water and snacks)

– Relax and try enjoy feeding your baby in nature.

– Go make some special memories 

Please leave a comment below if you have any tips on feeding your baby in the outdoors.

Breastfeeding, Pumping , Bottle, Formula or Tube Feeding on the trail – enjoy it any way you like.

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