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Toilet Roll Bunny

This is up there as one of our all-time favourite Easter activities!

This is up there as one of our all-time favourite Easter activities! It’s so easy and so cute!

All you need …
– 3 toilet rolls
– Paint of your choice (white and pink are always popular for this!)
– Glue and tape
– Paper
– Marker / Pen / Pencil

How to …
– Gather your three toilet rolls. You’re going to leave one as is, full circle (for the face) The other two rolls you are going to squash them slightly into an oval shape (for the ears)
– Then glue them all together .. with the circle toilet roll in the centre and the two oval toilet rolls at an angle for the ears. We always tape it aswell to keep it extra secure!
– The top of an egg carton, or a paper plate, is very handy for putting the paint into.
– Dip your ‘bunny’ into the paint and print it onto your paper. Make sure it’s fully coated in paint before printing.
– You can add a second paint colour to do the inside of the ears and nose if you like.
– It dries very quickly because you’re only using a small amount of paint.
– Use the marker or pen to add whiskers, mouth and eyes.
– Admire your cute bunnies!!

This is such a fun activity.. one we as adults love to do every year also!!!

If you create it on larger paper, it’s gorgeous to use as wrapping paper.

Alternatively, it’s really nice to do as a picture and pop it on the fridge or make Into a card for friends or family.

Easy, fun, uses what you have at home .. and is so cute! What’s not to love?!

*Image from Pinterest @ministylemag Original photography from @latteandlullabies

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