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As we begin this journey with The Family Edit, we will also

As we begin this journey with The Family Edit, we will also begin our journey in Social Media. All the platforms have been set up. All the accounts named. All the passwords set up. Now all that’s left is to start ….

Just as parenthood can be daunting before you start, so too is the venture into Social Media. While there are so many benefits to the various platforms, there can also be so many drawbacks. Bearing all these in mind, we are going to set out some guidelines for ourselves.

The Family Edit is what it is .. and that’s exactly how it should be … whatever that will be!

We don’t strive to be the funniest … we will find those accounts that make us laugh out loud and let you know.

We also don’t strive to be the prettiest, most polished feed … we will also let you know when we find them … we all need a bit of escapism from time to time!

We will have a mix of filter and non-filter days…. Sometimes we will feel like a bit of F2 and that’s fine, whereas other days we’ll feel like raw and real and that’s fine too.

We will always be honest.

We will always be true to ourselves and our mission.

Over time we may add to this list. It is definitely a work in progress and we won’t know for definite until we start .. but these six guidelines will always remain because it is us… it is The Family Edit.

Watch us coming!

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