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5 Steps to Take After Having a Caesarean Birth

Suzanne Carney of Anatomy Physiotherapy, is one of Ireland’s leading pelvic health

Suzanne Carney of Anatomy Physiotherapy, is one of Ireland’s leading pelvic health physiotherapists and offers bespoke care and attention to her pregnant and postnatal ladies in Co. Mayo. She also runs Embrace Pregnancy Retreats around the country.


She has very kindly shared 5 Steps that Moms can take after having a Caesarean Birth:


1. Get Plenty of Rest – But Keep Moving

Take it easy, listen to your body, and get as much rest as possible – BUT keep moving! It sounds contradictory, but getting up every so often for a little walk to the kitchen or bathroom will help with mobility in the first few days after surgery. It will also reduce the risk of blood clots post-surgery.


2. Watch For Signs of Infection

Your doctor will have already briefed you but it’s so important to be aware and mindful of signs of infection after a c-section, such as swelling, intense pain, red streaks coming from the incision, or chills. Contact a doctor or go to the emergency room if these symptoms appear.


3. Fight Constipation

We know that being constipated is no good for your pelvic floor but it’s also something to consider when recovering from c-section surgery. The surgery itself, the stress and any medication are likely to cause constipation so being prepared for this is essential. The usual tips apply, plenty of water, increase dietary fiber (fruit & veg, prune juice) and when needed a stool softener or laxative.


4. Get Support for Breastfeeding

Learning to breastfeed after having major surgery presents issues that can make the process more difficult such as delayed start or incision pain—but support is out there to help you navigate all of this. A lactation consultant is one support that can be super helpful during this time!


5. Visit a Women’s Health Physio

Finally, don’t forget to book in for your Mummy Mot Assessment with your local WHP 6-8 weeks post-partum. This will cover everything from your pelvic floor health post-partum, diastasis recti, to caesarean scar management.


*For Further Details about Suzanne’s amazing work at Anatomy Physiotherapy, check out her Listing HERE and you can see more great posts from her over on Instagram @anatomy_physiotherapy

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