Autumn and Halloween Spirit

Let us start by saying, that epic Autumnal board is not ours

Let us start by saying, that epic Autumnal board is not ours .. courtesy of Pinterest, but we fully intend on trying to create something similar (ish!!)

We’ve had a hectic few weeks around here so we’re looking forward to a chilled out weekend at home … and we’re cracking open the Halloween box! Serious excitement for it!

We’re also going to be picking an event or two that we will go to before we head to Kenmare for Halloween Howl! Thinking Leap Scarecrow Festival is a must!

For anyone else that’s looking for ideas, we’ve lots of events and happenings saved to Province Highlights … we’ve saved Accommodation for anyone looking to head away for a few days over Midterm Break .. and we’ve saved some ideas to Activities for anyone who’s like us and can’t wait to get stuck into the decorating!!

Really do love this time of year (if you hadn’t guessed already!!)

And keep all the recommendations coming. It’s so helpful to be able to share them with other families. It’s not that any of us need to be doing something all the time but it’s nice to know what’s going on if you do feel like a little outing!

Feel free to comment and let us know about your Halloween / Autumn adventures. Or pop over to Instagram and tag us @thefamilyedit , or use our hashtag #familyfriendlyireland and we’ll definitely see them that way!

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