Baby Sleeping Bags

We believe that sleep and your baby is very personal to your

We believe that sleep and your baby is very personal to your baby and your house so we always say follow your baby and your thoughts. For us, we let our babies sleep as they will for the first 3 months .. arms, cocoon, fed to sleep, hugged to sleep … however they want! Those first 3 months go by so so quickly and it’s just gorgeous to soak it all up (we always looked at it as the fourth trimester)


Once they hit 3 months (approx) we could see they were settling into routines, etc so that’s when we started the nap and night time bed routines properly. One of the major elements in it has always been the sleeping bag. They are one of the first signals that it’s sleepy time .. and black out blinds of course!!!


For anyone who isn’t used to sleeping bags, they are a cozy, safe way to put your baby to sleep and they take away the need for blankets. If your baby moves a lot during the night, it helps them to not get cold as the bag is zipped / buttoned up.


You can get different levels of warmth (using Tog rating like duvets .. the higher the tog the warmer it is) ranging from 0.5 to 3.5. The 0.5tog muslin sleeping bag is very lightweight and suitable for hot weather.. great for holidays when you still want the routine of sleeping bag by not the warmth (@jojomamanbebe have some gorgeous ones!)


You can also get variations in style … bag arms that can detach, open leg so they can walk around in them, etc.

There are many suppliers of sleeping bags … some of our favourites have been @jojomamanbebe @thewhitecompany@grobag_shop @marksandspencer@slumbersacireland and now @babyboo.ie sell them but we haven’t tried theirs yet (simply because we have so many already!!).. although they have the BEST bibs so I almost feel I can say their sleepy bags would be great too!

Overall, sleeping bags rate extremely highly in our baby must-haves!


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