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Breastfeeding Awareness Week

First and foremost, like in all aspects of parenthood, whatever and however

First and foremost, like in all aspects of parenthood, whatever and however you choose to do things is a decision for you and your family.


There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way, there’s your way. And that’s the way that matters.


Feeding babies can be a sensitive topic for so many reason, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, emotions, feelings and thoughts.


To mark Breastfeeding Awareness Week, we wanted to highlight something that made a difference in our breastfeeding journey .. and that was support.


Because while breastfeeding needs no equipment as such, it doesn’t always come naturally and it isn’t always as easy as latching the baby on and off you go!


I still remember doing my Preparing for Breastfeeding course with @clare_breastfeedingconsultant and it was invaluable in preparing me for what was to come.


I was made aware of potential tricky aspects of feeding, various ways to hold the baby to help feeding and prevent engorgement, some things to possibly expect, how it might feel and so many other aspects of breastfeeding.


I was never once made feel that breastfeeding was the only way or that any other way of feeding my baby was less adequate. And for that I was very grateful.


Because of the support we had for breastfeeding our babies, it was always going to feature on our website.


We have some wonderful Breastfeeding and Lactation Consultants on our website… people who can support before and after you’ve had your baby. Support in certain areas and support online.











Click on the links above to check out each of their pages.


And a reminder again, how you feed your baby is your choice.


Your baby. Your choice.

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