Hi I’m Katie, I’m the face behind I’m a lactation consultant and a paediatric and Public Health Nurse with over 20 years’ experience working with parents and new-borns, helping them prepare and navigate their way through those early days and weeks.

But as well as that, I’m also a mum of four so I understand exactly what it’s like to be a new parent for the first time. I understand the excitement, the anxiety, the tiredness and the million and one questions you can have about caring for your newborn baby.

Becoming a parent for the first time is absolutely amazing and utterly life changing. It can also be a bit overwhelming and that’s completely normal!

When it comes to new parenthood, there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

It’s a brand new road you’ve never been down before and that’s why I firmly believe by giving new mums and dad’s practical knowledge and support, in a really friendly, approachable and non-judgmental, way it will empower you to feel confident in caring for your newborn baby. I offer parents the most comprehensive and practical antenatal workshops on complete baby care; literally everything you need to know from feeding to bathing, to reflux, colic and everything in between.

And it really is astonishing at how much better you’ll feel when you feel confident in what you’re doing. You’ll find yourself more at ease and far less stressed.

Being a mum of four, I know that the wonderful thing about babies, is that they’re all different. No two babies are going to be the same; just as no two labours are going to be the same and no two breastfeeding journeys are going to be the same. Which is why I offer mums the ultimate breastfeeding preparation course and whether it’s your first or second or subsequent baby, this course is ideal for giving you all the practical tools you’ll need to make your breastfeeding journey a really positive one. And when you feel it’s time to end that journey, I also share the best ways to begin weaning and crucially how to end your breastfeeding journey on a really high note.

Each of my gorgeous babies were all different, but having the key knowledge I needed, helped me to cope with each of their different journeys and that’s why I’m so passionate about passing this on to new mums, to help you feel at ease and thrive alongside your new-borns.

Think of me as your own personal advocate. And through my range of workshops, classes and consultations I’m here to support you and your choices, by offering you practical, research based knowledge and support in a really friendly, approachable and completely non-judgmental way.

So look, if you’d like to know more why not drop me a line, a DM or email to find out about any of my classes, workshops or consultations.

You’ll also find full details over on my website and don’t forget to join me over on my Instagram page where I regularly do live chats on a host of really useful top tips.

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