Halloween Treat – Made Easy!

Halloween is not about ‘Pinterest Perfect’ ideas or having to keep up with what you think others might be doing.

Halloween is a time to enjoy with your family, in your way.

We got a message from a lovely mom who was looking for a way to make a Halloween Evening over Midterm nice for her kids, but not cost much … we have just the idea!

All you need is a Halloween Movie, Paper Cups, Black Marker and a selection of little treats!

Let your little ones draw some ‘scary’ faces on their cups, or any Halloween idea they like themselves. Fill up with some treats of your choice, turn off the lights, cosy up with blankets and watch a Hallowen Movie [check out some of the top recommended Family Halloween Movies HERE]

And there you have it! A gorgeously spooktacular Halloween Evening .. that costs very, very little.

But is worth so much in memories and fun. x

*Image courtesy of Unsplash


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