Easter Decor and Table Inspiration

Thanks to Kate Hobbins-Lockett @interiorsbykatehl for sharing some great tips for Easter

Thanks to Kate Hobbins-Lockett @interiorsbykatehl for sharing some great tips for Easter Decor and Table Inspiration with us.

Creating a holiday table will never not be one of my favourite things. Whether or not we actually get to share these special meals with friends or family, I still create them at every chance.

You don’t need to go out and buy a load of new decorations, usually we have most of these things already. Here are some easy tips to pulling it all together.

Incorporate natural elements- Spring is the perfect time to clip some branches with new buds on them. Either foraged or from your own garden or store bought, flowers, branches and mosses are great for an Easter table.

Add some eggs- Dye your own, leave them natural, ceramic, chocolate, hanging, whatever they’re made of scatter them everywhere in groups. They really are a simple but important part of Easter decor.

Stick to a few colours-pastels tend to be the most popular for Easter decorations but you can literally use any colour scheme. Pastels mixed with natural tones are my go to.

Get your children involved-get the kids to add some playful items like bunnies and birds nests. These create a more relaxed feel to the table.

Lastly, use your “fancy” cutlery – it might just be a lunch with your immediate family but dressing any holiday table always feels more special when you use your good silverware.

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