Easter Holidays for Families

The Easter Holidays can be a time of year when Families can feel pressure to be doing certain things, or not doing certain things.

Our thoughts on it are the same as always … enjoy the Easter Holidays as suits your family. If that’s lots of activities and days out.. great!

If it’s surviving as best you can with work and childcare, that’s great too

Instagram can portray one way of enjoying Easter, make sure to enjoy it, your way.

Whether it’s movies, books and playgrounds … day trips, activities and art work .. whatever works for you .. enjoy!

If it’s movies .. we’ve some great recommendations from families up on Movies in Highlights.

If it’s books, all our weekly recommendations are on #thefamilyeditbooks and Dawn @myhighershelf always has great suggestions if you’re looking to add to your collection, or if you want something with the chocolate at the weekend. If it’s playgrounds, beaches or woods you’re thinking of, we’ve them listed by location on our website .. you can search by location and then expand out to see the surrounding areas if you want to make a day of it!

If it’s activities and arts you’re after, check out some of our ideas #thefamilyeditactivities and also have a look at @play_and_learn_ireland @thecraftymum.ie @fredtedandcompany for some low-key Montessori inspired play ideas.

Enjoy and live your Easter .. not anyone else’s.

Your Family .. Your Easter x


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