Family Storage Solutions – Outdoor Toys

No blue skies today but we’re using the rain as a great excuse to power on with clearing and organising the house!!


It got us thinking about our storage and ways to do it better … the amount you build up with 3 kids is mad!! One of the best things we’ve done for their outdoor toys is to use this large bucket / container … it holds loads, has handles to bring it in and out of the shed, easy for the kids to load and unload themselves, serves as a boat / ship / car (endless things really!!) when empty … and best of all, it cost hardly anything! We got it in @aldi_ireland (I think?!) but you can get them in loads of hardware and DIY shops.


We also saw people using them on the beach for the buckets and spades, etc … Genius!!!


With three kids in three years, good storage solutions are essential! We can guarantee there will be more shared on here!!


*Image our own