Family Storage Solutions – Stairs Build Up!

When we did our Simplicity Challenge recently, one of the challenges was to find the ‘pain point’ in your house … an area (or areas!) that was a bit out of control or bothering you! For us, the main ‘pain point’ was the pile of stuff that builds up on the stairs .. all day .. every day! Not only is it messy and a nuisance, but our stairs is narrow on the bend so it was also a little dangerous.


Our solution was to put this basket bag at the end of the stairs to gather up all the bits and pieces … and we love it!! (I say we, but really I mean me!!) It has transformed the whole stairs nuisance! I wanted to try a bag rather than basket because I’ve loads of baskets so wanted something a little different, and also I thought having the handle for over your shoulder would be good … and it is!


I’m finding it so much easier to bring things upstairs and it has definitely helped me to put things back in their place (another huge advantage that came from the #simplicitychallenge).


It really is the little things that can make the difference!


*Image our own