Gardening Love and Gardening Tips

Like many families, we’ve gotten very interested in our garden over the past 18 months. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the kids to get stuck in and they genuinely are amazed to see things grow, and love being involved with waterfront, feeding, etc!!


We’re by no means experts, so we love trying out new things and getting ideas from places like Pinterest and our new favourite @pollyanna_wilkinson She gives really great, practical tips.


One of her recommendations was to hold off until November for planting tulips. We’re determined to have basketfuls of tulips this year, so we’ll be getting organised over the coming weeks!


One of our favourite spots for baskets and pots is @pavilionballygarvan They’ve a huge selection of all shapes, colours and sizes … so we’ll definitely be doing our best to make this Pinterest image a reality!!


Anyone else doing jobs in the garden at the moment??

Any gardening pages you look to for inspiration/ tips??

And do you have a favourite place to buy pots / baskets / plants?!


Always love finding new ideas and places!


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