Halloween Bat Wand

Looking for a fun Halloween Activity that won’t cost much? Looking to

Looking for a fun Halloween Activity that won’t cost much? Looking to make part of your own costume? Then we have the exact activity for you!

It can be adapted in numerous ways .. from total budget using stick and card, to a few purchased pieces to elevate it a little. Either way, or anything in between, is absolutely perfect!

What you need:

– Stick [from the woods or a bought piece of wood]

– Bat Shape [can be made using black card or can buy card templates of a bat]

– Glue [can use hot glue gun, or a combination of glue or sellotape to keep the bat in place]

– Ribbon, Tulle

Once you’ve gathered up the pieces you need, it’s very simple from there!

Attach the bat to your stick, and add as much tulle or ribbon as you like. We keep ours very kid friendly and let them do most of it themselves. This looks like – ribbon sellotaped on to the stick, a larger piece of ribbon securing all the ribbon in place, and we either hot glue gun or glue and sellotape the bat on.

It’s all about having a bit of fun, and getting into the spooky mood!

Be sure to tag us if you make a Bat Wand over the Midterm Break .. they’re spooktacular!

*Image courtesy of Pinterest

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