Halloween Trick or Treat

I’ve made these since my first class I taught up in Dublin! They were a hit with Third Class and I’ve made them from Junior Infants age right up to Sixth Class! We made them last year with our gang but I think they’ll appreciate them even make this year!

Mandarin is simple .. grab a mandarin, grab a black marker (Sharpies work very well) and off they go drawing!

For the ghosts .. get lollipop, wrap a tissue around it, tie with ribbon or string or elastic band or sellotape .. basically whatever you have in the house!

These made a nice treat to have while watching a Halloween movie or when the kids have friends over. Also, a good choice for Halloween party or for trick or treaters .. a little bit of fun with less sugar and plastic!

Will definitely be making these when we head to Kenmare for @kenmarehalloween 


We’re jumping head first into Halloween tomorrow!!!



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