Halloween Watermelon

The Puking Watermelon is up there as the most requested Halloween Activity / Food in our house! They kids love to make it and to eat it. And it’s always a major hit with any visiting kids [and parents!]

We first got the inspiration from Roisín @chaosnharmony and have made it numerous times since.

There are lots of variations to it but the general idea is the same.

  • Cut out a mouth shape and scoop out the watermelon. We do this on the board that we will serve it on so that all the juices and flesh stay on the board.
  • Add other fruits coming out of the mouth and along the board.
  • Cut slices of oragne and kiwi for the eyes. Using a cocktail stick, add a slice of orange, kiwi and a blueberry and stick into the watermelon.

And there you have it! A puking watermelon that will feed and entertain your kids!


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