Healthy Halloween Treats

The wonderful thing about parenthood is taking inspiration when we want, and choosing to do our own thing when we want.

Just because Instagram and Pinterest show all kinds of elaborate Halloween ideas doesn’t mean us Families have to feel the need to do them.

If we want to, perfect.

If we don’t want to, that’s also perfect!

And if we’re somewhere in between, that’s perfect too!!

For those who want a nod to Halloween, without too much fuss, or too much sugar, these little cuties are the perfect combination!

Mandarin Pumpkins:

– Peel a mandarin and add a slice of celery to the top!

Ghost Bananas:

– Slice and cut banana in half. Add raisins / edible eyes / chocolate drops for the ghost’s eyes.

Two easy ideas that add a little spook to your day!

*Image courtesy of Unsplash


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