Newborn Essentials – Wipes and Nappy Cream

As first time parents it can seem like there are so many things to consider and so many first choices and first moments. While we are now three kids in, we can still remember those times before first born arrived and we really didn’t know what was what!


One thing we were certain of was wanting to keep our little baby as safe and protected as possible and not put any nasties on their little skin. We knew of the plague that is nappy rash and really wanted to try our best to avoid it, if at all possible.


After doing some research, one of the best products we came across was Water Wipes .. hard now to imagine that there was a time when we didn’t even know they existed!!! We have used them from day one and genuinely have not looked back since! There is something very reassuring every time you pick up the packet and see … 99.9% water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract – nothing else … no nasties …no chemicals …. nothing else!


Teamed with that we use Weleda Nappy Change Cream, another natural product made from calendula and chamomile. Again, a reassuring product with no nasties in it.


This combination has worked for us and has kept nappy rash away from all three babies. We’ve also recommended these products to friends who’ve had the exact same result. Two definite must haves in our newborn necessities!


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