Is there any limit to the wonderful paper plate?! So many options and ideas for using them, and Halloween Crafts for Kids are an ideal time to use them!


These Paper Plate Pumpkin Bags are such a great idea to make with kids.

They are so nice and easy to make for kids … and they can make them as individual and personalised as they wish!


There are only a few instructions to make these Halloween delights!

  • Cut the top off two paper plates.
  • Paint them in the colour of your choice.
  • Glue / Sticky Pad / Sellotape / Sellotape them together. You can use whatever you have .. it’s not about perfection!
  • Add string / twine / ribbon for the handle
  • Cut out eye, nose and mouth shapes and glue them on. You could also paint them on!

Ta Da! Fun to make and fun to use!


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*Image Courtesy of Pinterest 


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