We started playing this game last year and it was a major hit at our Halloween Party. Again, very easy to make and doesn’t cost lots of money!

You can make it two ways…

  1. Use large white paper / card and draw on a spider web using black marker.

2. Alternatively, you can use large black paper /card and draw on a spider web using white chalk.

Once you’ve made the spider web, you can start on your spiders!

– Draw spider shapes onto white or black paper. Cut them out and put a piece of blue tack on the back of each one.

– You could also use spiders that come in the packets of decorative spider web.

A large ribbon or scarf can work as the blindfold and then you’re ready to see who can come closest to pinning the spider on the web!

A great game to add to your Halloween Party or Afternoon of Fun!

*Image courtesy of Pinterest


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