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Since moving to our house, we haven’t done a huge amount with

Since moving to our house, we haven’t done a huge amount with the playroom .. other than all the play of course!!

We’re hoping to make a few changes over the Summer and have been enjoying looking at all the ideas on Pinterest! The options are endless!


A few things that we find work great in our playroom so far –

  • Baskets, baskets and more baskets. You can never have enough in a playroom! They’re great for storage and making it easier to tidy up and know where to find things.
  • IKEA Kallax Unit. You can get this storage unit in a variety of sizes and colours and they are super! Baskets of all shapes and sizes can fit in. Super for storing books as well.
  • Cushions and blankets. Great for getting cosy reading a book and also essential for fort building!
  • Roll of paper makes drawing very accessible for kids. Would love to add one to the wall for vertical drawing – great for kids’ development.

A few great recommendations came in from other families and a few ideas from Pinterest:

  • Photo Ledge to display small animals and toys. [Schleich are our favourite animal toys. Super quality]
  • Painting book ledges and toy storage the same colour as the wall so that the toys and books stand out centre stage
  • IKEA Dignitet shower curtain rail for hanging pictures
  • Secondhand furniture shops can be a great spot to find little gems for the playroom!
  • You can get dividers for the IKEA Kallax so you can split each cube into two – allowing for smaller baskets.
  • Rolling cart for arts and crafts – super to enable art to happen in various rooms
  • Puzzles / games in individual zipped pouches to save space. Cut out the front cover and add it to the bag so that kids can see what they’re making. Also good idea to add number, shape, colour, etc to the bag of each puzzle piece so that if they get mixed up, it’s quicker to put them all back into the same bag!
  • Toy Rotation – having less toys at a time can mean faster tidy up and can be less overwhelming for kids. If there’s too much going on, it can sometimes lead to less play. Having a box in storage and rotating it can help keep toys feeling fresh.
  • Books in baskets and within their reach helps kids engage with the books they’re drawn to without needing any adult help
  • Murals can add real points of interest to a wall. Folk and Nest are an Irish company that make beautiful murals, specific for your wall and space.

A few ideas when it comes to thinking of your playroom! Please feel free to add any ideas you may have in the comments below.



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