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If ever we doubt whether something is too obvious to talk about

If ever we doubt whether something is too obvious to talk about when it comes to baby / kid / family life, we just think back to the time when Nelsons and Nuby didn’t mean anything to us… we didn’t even know they existed!!!

Three babies later that seems like a very long time ago (only 3.5years!!) and very hard to imagine a room or bag without the two N’s inside!

When it comes to teething we find these two brands are great.

Nelsons make homeopathic teething products, Teetha, which you can get in granule or gel form – they are for pain relief, soothing and calming. It’s nice to know that they’re both natural and sugar free, yet work incredibly well. All our babies seemed to prefer the granules, but the gel is great as well. You can get Teetha in nearly every supermarket, health shop and pharmacy.

With teething toys / chews, there are endless types but there’s something about this Nuby one that all our kids have adored (Baby Girl is sucking on it like crazy right now!!) Have picked up so many of these in @supervalu_irl to give to friends for their babies. It’s the different textures, the way they can chew or suck on it … it’s a winner!!!

So there’s a few of our favourite teething products … let us know if you have any other saviour / champion teething products! @teethaireland @nubyuk

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