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Vitamin D for Babies

  When everyone else seems to have the real deal and you


When everyone else seems to have the real deal and you still have to make use of the health shop variety!! Come on sunshine … where are you?! We’re just all types of grey and dreary here in the ‘sunny’ south!!




While we know the best source of Vitamin D is from the sun, in places like Ireland and UK where our sunshine is minimal at best, the most effective way to get it is through sprays / drops.




We all take Vitamin D throughout the year in our house … the baby is still on the droplets they recommend for babies’ first year, the kids are on an infant spray and we’re on the stronger adult version. Taking it is just part of the normal morning routine for the kids .. and they love the spray sensation!




Some of the benefits of Vitamin D include supporting a normal immune system (especially important for any of us with kids in preschool, school, crèche, etc), maintains normal bones and teeth and aids normal muscle function (info from side of packet and our local health shop!)




These sprays really are an affordable way to naturally help the little ones get more Vitamin D (ours was €5.95 for approx 100 daily doses)




Few other bits we take also, can chat about those another time! For now … we’re here doing a hopeful little sun dance!


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