Weaning Your Baby – A Brief Overview

Lots of chat about weaning at the moment, with it being National Weaning Week last week as well. Our third born, is mid weaning and all good so far! We are doing the same with her as we did with the other two … part purée / mash, part baby led (where the babies hold the food and feed themselves).

We will go into more detail in another post (because there’s lots to say about it!) but in brief… We chose to wait until 6 months to start (We know his doesn’t suit all families but it worked for us).

We found @annabelkarmel ‘New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner’ book really helpful when preparing to wean First Born .. it’s very informative but not in a preachy way and gives you good grounding and confidence to get started (always important when it’s your first baby!)

Some of the first fruits we use are .. banana, pear, avocado and apple. Some of the first vegetables we try are carrots, sweet potato and parsnip. These fruit and vegetables are suitable to purée, mash and give in chunks / strips.
We have an old crinkle chip cutter (old as in when I was a small!) that is amazing for cutting pieces of fruit/veg for them to hold. The crinkled edges make it so much easier for babies to grip.

Lastly, we try to give the first taste of a food fresh .. stew/make it ourselves. There are some great companies @pipandpear@ellaskitchenuk #clearspringorganic doing pouches/containers of food which are so handy to have but when possible,  we will give it homemade first.

So, that’s our not so condensed first chat about weaning!! Main thing with it … have fun!! Milk is still their main source of nutrition, which we think knowing that can take off the pressure a little .. so enjoy… and make sure to stock up on the @waterwipes !!!

*Image our own