Paddle the Route Travelled by Stone Age Farmers with a Legendary Boat Builder

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According to ancient legend, the Boyne River was created by the Celtic queen and goddess Boann who symbolises water, fertility, and inspiration. The legend gives an insight into the serene beauty of this ancient river that has lured visitors ever since Stone Age farmers settled in the Boyne Valley. More than 6,000 years ago, these farmers created the burial tombs of Brú Na Bóinne along the Boyne River bend.


Through Boyne Boats, the mythology of the past brings us to the mythology of the present because Ross Kenny (founder of Boyne Boats) is a well-known boat builder who featured in and supplied the boats for the hugely successful Game of Thrones series. In fact, his skilfully hand-crafted, traditional Irish currachs from Game of Thrones are used by Ross in the Boyne Boats experience too.


Following the exact route taken by Ireland’s Stone Age ancestors, embrace your Boyne Boat adventure in the company of Ross who is a legend in his own right as a boat-builder and storyteller who knows every inch of the Boyne River way. Begin at the entrance of Oldbridge House where the mighty Battle of the Boyne changed Ireland’s fate more than 300 years ago. Connected to the sounds and beauty of nature, learn how to paddle your own currach along a 3-kilometre route as Ross shares insights into the people, nature, stories, and history that are part of this magical place. Highlights include:


Ross Kenny | boat-builder | storyteller | who knows every inch of the Boyne River way.
The Boats | hand-crafted | traditional Irish currachs | a skill handed down over generations.
Boyne River | serene beauty | vast biodiversity | connecting the past with the present.
Great Outdoors | complete connection with nature | retracing routes of Stone Age ancestors.
Boyne Valley Food | Local artisan food producers picnic box
Game of Thrones fans | fascinating insights shared by Ross who featured in the series.

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  • PH9V+RV Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre, Drybridge, County Meath, Ireland

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