This course is ideal for first-time parents with a baby between 0-5 months old. This course will teach you the fundamentals of baby swimming in the bathtub. Please be aware it's not washing the baby in the bathtub - it's swimming in the bathtub. There is a difference between these two procedures. Washing a baby is a hygienic procedure. Baby swimming is a session that's designed for your baby's healthier and balanced development.

In this course, you'll find out about your baby's reflexes and milestones, all that you need to start, the variations of the exercises that you can work with your baby in a home environment. It's a great start for both of you.

This course will give you the exact tools so that you can prevent future dramas when water is on your baby's faces and when you're washing their hair. You'll learn how to create a happy, healthy relationship with the water for your baby and how to boost their confidence in the water.

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