Every Toddler Sense session is jam-packed with fabulous activities and fun adventures to help your adventurous toddler or child burn off excess energy and develop vital physical, communication, social and intellectual skills that form the foundation of all future learning.
Each week introduces a new theme. Climb aboard a rocket and zoooooom to the stars, put the hatches down on our yellow submarine, explore the Blue Lagoon, tame a fiery dragon, dive to the bottom of the Coral Sea, dance the summer salsa, go ape at the African Zoo, get busy on Tod's construction site, set the sails and cross the high seas to Treasure Island or be a firefighter helping others and rescuing Tod from danger.

We know just what keeps your toddler or child happy, busy, motivated, interested and excited to learn! Join our exciting world of magic and adventure in a safe and happy environment - there's always something new and wonderful to look forward to!

How do you do?
⭐Explore our fabulous adventure play area, the equipment encourages a wide range of skills from social (making new friends) to physical (climbing, rolling, bouncing), emotional (it's so much fun!), creative (building a house), intellectual (working out how to get over obstacles), and much more

⭐ And when your toddler or child has finished exploring, a whole new world of adventure begins with our unique soft toy, Tod!

⭐ After 'Tidy Up' time, we sing our 'How do you do?' welcome song to prepare your toddler or child for a new themed adventure.

⭐ Along with the physical side for your toddler, you will be given developmental knowledge from our trained practitioners.

To help everyone wind down at the end of a busy session, it's back to the mats for our 'Say Goodbye' song. When you join us again the following week, we'll transport you and your toddler or child to a whole new world of sensory stimulation and wonder.


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