Easter Drinks – Carrot Gin and Tonic

We’ve been trying out Easter drink options that are fun, easy to make and taste good both as alcoholic and non-alcoholic … and we may have found the winner!

This Carrot Gin and Tonic recipe is so good and has been approved by us all!

All measurements can be adjusted for personal taste and preference.

100ml carrot juice
100ml orange juice
200ml @innocentireland Citrus Shield Juice (orange, carrot, mandarin, lemon)

200ml tonic water
75ml gin

Garnish : Carrot stems
(The pièce de résistance for the kids!)

Using a tall glass is preferable to give the idea of the carrot and then the stems coming out! So simple, yet looks really great!

Add crushed ice to the glass, add gin (if using), juice and the tonic water .. and let the kids add the carrot stems.

So simple to make, ideal for non-alcoholic or alcoholic and will add a little something extra for Easter Sunday lunch .. or night!


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