Easter Sunday Lunch

We’re used to spending Easter Sunday with extended family so with this year being different it meant we needed to do what we’ve intended to do for awhile .. figure out a Sunday Lunch!!

Having looked through a few recipe books we decided on the following ones and they were pretty good choices!!

So, with three smallies and lots of chocolate for Easter Sunday, we skipped a starter and went straight to the mains!

ROAST CHICKEN .. bought a free range chicken in @scallyssupervalu wiped it dry and stuffed with half an orange and two halves of a lemon, butter on skin.

Gravy .. used @rachelallen1 recipe from her Home Cooking book .. made the roux (butter and flour), stock and added the chicken juices.

Stuffing … also the recipe from@rachelallen1 Home Cooking .. spelt breadcrumbs, onion, butter, mixed herbs.

Roast Potatoes .. @deliciouslyella recipe ..halve potatoess, bring to boil for few mins, into oven with oil, salt, peeper and herbs.

Carrots and Parsnip .. @thehappypear Recipes for Happiness .. cut into batons, oil, maple syrup and bake!

Pea Purée… @rachelallen1 Home Cooking .. cook peas (we added spinach too), blend in processor with oil, add salt, pepper, lemon juice.

DESSERT.. We had apple tart from Granny and we made the @avocaireland Tea Time recipe for Strawberry Meringue Roulade… so simple and so yummy! Egg whites and sugar .. whipped cream and strawberries (we added blueberries too) .

We also had the @bunalunorganic ice-cream we spoke about before .. the chocolate and hazelnut one. It’s delicious!!!

And finally for tea / coffee we had two of the leftover cupcakes from @theflourhouse , some of Granny’s fruit cake and the Chocolate Jaffa Balls we mentioned before from @thehappypear We make it with the @lindt_ireland Hazelnut chocolate which works really well with the orange!

And that’s it! Our first Easter Sunday lunch that we cooked! And absolutely delighted with how it turned out .. although we did miss our family all being together.. looking forward to testing this out on them next year!!

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