Thanks so much to Sive @youngcubbyclassroom for sharing this gorgeous Printing idea. SO much fun!

Sive is a fellow Primary School Teacher and has lots of beautiful ideas on her page. Well worth checking out @youngcubbyclassroom

Happy Valentine’s week! I love a good themed craft as any of my work colleagues will tell you.

I went a bit wild here but the idea was just to show how fun & effective printing with kids is.

We made a wall poster & tomorrow we’ll use them to make cards. The stamps themselves look great & could then be turned into a Valentine’s collage!

These were the steps we took…
– Cut out cardboard hearts (I added small grip handles to the back).
– Find any interesting textured items around the house & stick on, we used keys, off cuts from bees wax sheets & embroidery thread- my 4YO & I did this together, collage is an art form in itself!
– Set up paint table & canvas.
– Let children paint stampers & show them how to print applying pressure & removing.
– Let them go wild!


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